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Handicap for 14.1
03:05 pm - Thu Jun 29
Rat. Diff. Match
0-3 100-100
4-11 100-95
12-19 100-90
20-27 100-85
28-36 100-80
37-46 100-75
47-56 100-70
57-67 100-65
68-79 100-60
80-92 100-55
93-107 100-50
108-123 100-45
124-141 100-40
142-162 100-35
163-186 100-30
187-215 100-25

02:21 pm - Sat Nov 12
We will now have set dates for the brackets to end. There will be several weeks grace added to each bracket.
Only sign up for a bracket, if you think you can complete all of your matches in the time allotted.
If a player falls behind further than the grace period, and is not responding to attempts by others to schedule matches, they will be eliminated from the bracket. We need everyone to be communicating promptly! If someone is hard to contact, or not responding, please let us know right away. Repeated attempts that go unanswered WILL result in disqualification.
We have a great opportunity here to build some community around the game we love! Let's have some fun, and maybe win a little bit of $!

come one come all
06:01 am - Fri Mar 21
Welcome to a place where pool reigns, the best player wins(on any given day), and everyone gets better. Please join me, challenge me, learn with me and defeat me. If you chose to join this league you will strengthen pool for the future.(period) I learned to play this as a bar game, but I chose to see it as an art. You will never again see billiards as the preferred form of entertainment for the nightlife. However, every time you show a kid a bridge, help with a bank, or hang a cue over his head so he wont jump up you help our future remember our past. Keep the fun in pool however you must, but for those who want more, who need the challenge...
We are waiting

09:29 pm - Mon Jan 13
To see the brackets/tournament progress, click standings on the tourney you wish to view.

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