Straight Pool #8

Straight pool #8 starts now! We have some new players, so here is an overview of how it works.
Self scheduled matches can be played in any order. You are expected to play one match per week until the bracket is finished. More than 2 weeks behind = forfeit.
We will have a group text that will be our means of contact. Only send to the entire group when necessary. If you find someone to play, take the messages to 1v1 when you can.
I like to send out times when I will be available and see if someone can match up. Our default location is the Table Stable, but some of us have tables at home that can be used if both players agree to the location.
Somer and Sheldon can set up one day a week for open play if that helps those that don’t have keys to the shop. Most likely it would be on a weekend, we can work that out with some input from players.
The RULES of play, handicap chart, last ball situations, and a link to the bracket are on the webpage at Direct link to the bracket is
Use the numbers next to your name on the bracket and the handicap chart to determine what number the lower player goes to!
Report ACTUAL scores (without the handicap) to Somer or Sheldon after your match. Any questions, ask!
Please respect everyone! Be nice, respect the equipment, practice good sportsmanship. Entry is only $20, we are playing for fun and to experience some straight pool.
Somer is in charge of the $$, easiest way to pay him is via Venmo. Contact him to make other arrangements.