2021 Table Stable Newsletter

Dear fellow members,
In the spirit of new beginnings, here is the Table Stables annual(ish…) news letter for 2021.  This letter has grown and is arguably a little wordy.  That being said I encourage you guys to read it so that we can all be on the same page about the things we’ve always expected from and for our members as well as some changes that we think will help make the Table Stable a place we all feel at home for years to come.  This room has been a very important part of our developing local pool community and you all through your membership and participation keep this space open and available to the benefit of us all.  I want to thank the long term members from the bottom of my heart and welcome the new members to our stable.    
Here are the issues that we thought worth mentioning.  Please use this letter as a guide when you have questions and never hesitate to reach out to the founding members to answer questions or for help.  
Parking is an important component of a positive relationship with the shops management as well as our neighbors.  As keyholders we are not only responsible for our vehicles but of the vehicles of our guests.  Please do not assume people know where to go or even that they followed instructions.  We need to stay diligent about helping people to make sure this is not an issue. 
Our shop is designated two spots in front of the bathrooms both labeled 34.  This is our primary parking and should be the first place we look to park. 
Parking directly in front of the stable is available in off hours but is not preferred as it blocks the shops in the corner and you may be asked to move.  
There are also 48 hour spots outside the gate on the right, immediately inside the gate on the left and past that on left along the fence.  If it is a heavy traffic day and all spots are taken the gravel parking lot at the Prairie Schooner can be used as a last resort.
Trash and Recycling   
If you plan on bringing food or beverage to the shop there are two ways of doing things.  Pack it in, pack it out or contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of the room.  
We have plenty of trash bags. If everybody grabs the trash and cardboard recycling on their way out then it will never be a problem. 
If using the recycling containers please make sure cans are empty before placing them in recycling bin.  Please deal with glass recycling on your own.  There are no on site services for that and it complicates the recycling process.  
The fridge is a shared space and we ask that you treat it that way.  Please do not leave long term food items in the fridge and try and keep track of your things so they don’t just take up space.  Please don’t take things that are not yours, even if you believe it won’t matter.  The store is close and the Stables policy is BYOB.  
Table Maintenance  
Please fold the table cover/plastic and use the box under the table for storage. 
When you finish playing be sure to run the Roomba and polish the set of balls in the Ball Star. If you see the Roomba is struggling then take it apart and vacuum/wipe it all out.  There is a hand held vacuum on the wall that is great for rail cleaning.  Like the Roomba, please make sure that you use it as well as help empty it and maintain it.
There are spray bottles and paper towels/rags to wipe down the wood rails of the table. Please make sure when spraying to make sure to not spray onto the cloth. We would like to keep the equipment playing the best we possibly can for us all.
Please feel free to use any and all of the heaters available while shooting.  The wiring in the shop is a little funky though so please be sure to turn off or unplug the heaters before you leave.  I myself take one last walk along the walls looking for garbage, recycling and any heaters that may have accidentally been left on.  
Make the trip every time.  Though it seems like a parking lot, it is under surveillance at all times and it is not okay to use as a bathroom.  Please be respectful of the space and the hard work it’s taken to keep this room available to us all.    
Heading Home
Be sure to double check the heaters, lights, trash/recycling, tables/balls are cleaned and covered, grab empty cans/bottles and wrappers, wipe up spills/crumbs, Roomba is plugged in, amp is off, and that things are put away. Lets strive to keep things comfortable.

Joel has taken on the thankless job of doing the stables accounting for us.  There are a few little things that we can all do to make this less of a chore for him and show respect to the effort he’s putting forth for us all.  
Paying rent by the 1st of the month is super crucial.  
Venmo is the easiest way to make sure rent is always paid on time(schedule a payment and it will never be an issue!  Also leaves a written record of payment so there is never any confusion). If Venmo isn’t an option please be sure to have your cash of check payment in the box using the provided envelopes by the first and don’t forget to write your name/date it. 
This has been an impossibly challenging situation for us all this year and I want to remind us all how special this place we have is, what a huge part of that you all are and what delicate balance our space lies in.  Throughout much discussion we have chosen to not have a house policy on things like mask wearing, numbers limits and such.  It is our hope that we all choose to prioritize everyone’s health and safety and that we all make respectful decisions considering the people around us and that we deal with any challenging conversations or disagreements respectfully.  I urge us to keep in mind how our social media presence at the shop can expose us to scrutiny and that streaming for social reasons is probably not the best idea at this point.  
We do hope to get back into the swing of things with tournaments and potentially small scale league play as soon as it seems like a viable option.  As always, members will receive first priority for all stable events and we hope to see many more of those in the near future.  
With your key, you are allowed one guest at a time to play with you complimentary.  Any additional guests, which we welcome fall under our hourly rates of pay to play.  
Rates are;
$5 minimum for an additional guest.  If you play a game and you’re not a key holder or their guest, throw $5 in the box
$5 per hour is our guest rate and we have a $20 a day maximum.  
There ain’t a cheaper pool room around and the people we want at the shop are people who want to see the space respected and successful.  
Whether you have one guest or multiple you are taking responsibility for their actions and behavior. Make sure we all abide by the rules and treat our space as though you were a guest in our home.  It falls on the key holder to communicate to guests about the hourly rates as well as make sure to collect money from them for the box.  This is how we keep the heat and lights on and it is an integral part of our ability to keep this room open.  

We always have different tasks that need to be accomplished around the shop.  It is idealistic to think that we will all notice the things that we see as needing to be done and do them.  That being said there are all sorts of different ways to contribute and we encourage everyone to do so.  If you have a special project or skill set you would be willing to offer, reach out to Joel, Brandon, Sheldon or Somerfield and talk with us about making it happen.  
I will end by saying thank you for taking the time to read this letter and helping us maintain this space for our community.  We have a great set up here and I hope it can stay that way for many tournaments and newsletters to come.  From all of us here at the Table Stable I wish everyone a happy new year and as always we look forward to seeing you on the diamonds. 
Brandon, Joel, Sheldon and Somerfield